Second Quarter Benchmark

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In researching my benchmark, I tried to find court cases, bills, and executive functions with local implications. It was easier to discuss the effects of executive departments within the City of Philadelphia, as I am more directly involved with Philadelphia bureaucracy. I also looked for court cases, bills, and executive functions that involved education. As a high-school student, nearly every decision my government makes regarding education has a direct impact on me.
Finding good examples for each branch of government was difficult, but not for lack of available information. Rather, I had most trouble wading through vast catalogues of court cases and legislative bills. To find information in manageable quantities, I had to pursue a creative line of research.
If I were to repeat this project several years from now, I suspect I would find it much easier. As I get older, I will become more involved with the government. I'll get a steady job, pay taxes, vote. As a minor, I'm not recognized as an independent citizen. When I turn 18, that will change.