When I first started this project did this project I was not sure what I wanted to do. I really enjoy creative projects and I was so excited to make one I was not sure what I creative piece I was going to make. I first thought I was going to draw, or paint because I enjoy that as a past time. There would nothing better than being about to that kind of art work for a class I am actually going to receive a grade in. 

After a while I figured that I wanted to do a written piece, the only problem was I did not know what I wanted to wrote about or what theme I wanted to use within the piece. Then Manna told me she was doing a monologue and asked if I would like to work with her. I have always wanted to work with someone else doing a monologue(s) but that chance just never came up. I was excited and quite curious to see what we were going to create. Our biggest problem we seemed to have was trying to combine our ideas together. We both has a basic idea of what we wanted to put into the monologue but had a time struggling on the best way to combine ideas. 

Although the process of trying to figure out what we were going to do took longer than we expected. For the simple fact that we kept going back and forth trying to figure out what we were going to write. We kept working on it trying to prefect it and not giving up on it or separating from one another as partners. I feel as though we stuck together well because sometimes I was ready for Manna to just suggest something about us working separate as we started to but of course she didn’t So I was determined to hang in there to get the job done. 

By sticking together with this project we were able to, get our theme across enteral destruction. Once we figured out that was what we were going for it was their easier to connect what we wanted to do together. We know we wanted to explain our line of thinking by using strong words. To us, what better way to do that than using a monologue. Powerful and straight to the point. We wanted to touch basics on the life of  one person who has a strong addition and gets better overtime. The main focus in the monologue is the one person of course. We felt like if we put to many characters in the story then it would take away the important and the focus off of the main character. We would have then had to develop more than was needed, being so we made a monologue and not a play. The entire monologue is a presentation for our main character to share a part of her life that she has grown with the most. 

Something I think I could have done differently is decided sooner rather than later about how I was going to present this information with or without a parter because it would have been easier to work knowing what I was going to do. For the simple fact that I changed my mind so many times. So I feel as though that was something that I could have done better. I still think i gave myself enough time to finish the project I just don’t think I gave myself enough creative time. I was creative with my writing I just, sort of feel like there was something missing. 

Hopefully I am wrong. If I were to do this all over again I would just make sure that I knew what I was going to be in sooner than I did before. I probably would just paint a picture because the last times I painted with my oil paints was about four weeks ago. To me that seems like forever and oil painting tends to keep my very tranquil and my mind always at ease. I think if I were to make a painting, if I were to do this all over again then I would then feel as if my work is no longer missing the little something. But besides that, I invite you to listen to Emily telling about her strong addiction to cocaine between her past and present self.