Self Reflection and Video : Loren Jenkins

Contemporary dance is a term that combines many dance forms such as modern, hip-hop, Jazz, African, and ballet. The techniques are expressed with the music. It follows the beat, which can change at anytime also speed; rhythm and direction are mostly used in this form of dance. We chosen this category from the list because it would be unique to express the feelings in the book with the modern day music that we all listen to. Each song in the mix goes directly to all of the main characters in the book. The mix starts off with Rihanna song Unfaithful. We start it off with this song because in the Scarlet Letter Hester was not faithful to her husband. She had sex with someone she was not married to and got pregnant. In the song lyrics mention that one unfaithful girl is cheating in her relationship, and her spouse knows something is going on. He stays because he is loyal to her even though she is not to him. If Chillingworth were to leave the society would have been against him for leaving his wife. Our Second song, which is Daddy’s Little Girl by J-Cole, we dedicated to growth of Pearl. She was a reckless child that even her own mother couldn’t handle her. She was an outcast; nothing was normal with her. No one could tell her what to do due to her being in her own world. She would rather do that then to be in the world of a society that judges her and her family. In the mix our last song is Save me By Nicki Minaj for Hester and Pearl. They have both lost something in their which was each other and Dimmsdale. They are all asking for forgiveness at the end when the y finally realizes that they needed each other In the long run.

            We created our piece by first picking the songs that we thought would fit the type of dance and the themes that we wanted to include. The actually used three which are movement, internal destruction and responsibility in relationships. We chose these three because each one of them fit each of the songs that we chosen to do. One did come to one problem, which was trying to find a clean version to our J-Cole song. Unfortunately, we didn’t so we tried our best to choose the best less explicit lyrics in the song to dance to. We also ran into difficulties when we where trying to find a way to set our dance to the audience. We overcame this by working together to agree on a set up that turned out to actually be easy.

            I feel so good about this project. We have spent a lot of time on this dance for the last week. Working in all class period and even staying after school to make sure our dance was polished completely. I feel very confident and comfortable doing this dance. Even though I feel this way I know that I will have some bubble guts to try to get over before the show. Something that I would have like to do different is choosing the songs. They are great for the project, but when looking back at it I know there where other songs that I could have chosen to use.  I am very excited to perform this dance and hopefully everyone will be delighted to see our final piece.