Senior Art , Q2 - Brittany Cooper

So this quarter in senior art was very different. It was calm and collective nature. It was my first time drawing a fern, and it was VERY time consuming. If you take a close look at the picture you will notice that the left side has a short length of leaves than the right side. That is because when I first begun drawing the fern I focused so much on it being perfect. To the point where I took a ruler and measures out each width of the leaves on the left. After the second day of still dealing with the left side, I realized maybe perfection is not always the answer. I finished the left side with the ruler and started the right side free hand.

The second picture is the golden ratio collage. Honestly this had to thee hardest one out of all of the assignments. I say this because everyone defines the golden ratio so diversely that there's no wrong answer. So due to the fact tat there was no wrong answer I was stuck because that gave me numerous options. Surprising I came up with this on least minute. I decides to do a sea shell type swirl using water color. I know that water color blends so beautifully, so I knew that the shape of the shell would be a evolution of colors merging together. 

I enjoyed doing the block prints the most because it reminded me of my freshman year of art. We did a block print of the Periodic Table. So it was easy for me to remember the steps to block printing. I choose to do a butter fly because what is better than a butter fly.. Nothing ! The colors I chose were inspired by the theme of my dorm room for when I go off to college!

I'm really excited to see what' s in store for Quarter 3 Senior Art :)