Senior Art Q1

This year in art, we began the year with a pretty big project. We started off with the year with a ceiling tile painting. I decided to do a grim reaper ceiling tile. Based off of Yeezus Tour art, the ceiling tile is a Wes Lang inspired reaper on a military green background. His scythe has a rose at the end to symbolize love over violence. The second project was a fall wall hanging, we were to create a fall themes drawing and I chose to do a skull (for Halloween) with fall leaves in the background. The third was a self portrait with charcoal. This was the hardest project of the year for me because I'm not that great with realistic drawings and I don't know how to draw with charcoal. In the end, I took my time and I enjoyed the final product. The final project of the year was a watercolor painting and this was a good way to end off the quarter. Personally, painting with watercolors is always a relaxing experience for me so after balancing the college process, social life, and school, I was able to relax a bit.