Senior Art Q2

This quarter in senior art, I really learned a lot about my artistic ability. I was happy to see that there were tequniques to sketching, and I remembered parts of art that I forgot about. 
In quarter two, we did a lot of art history work, but most of the quarter we did art work. We drew drawing of ferns, mine being in charcoal. We also did Golden ratio pieces. It was interesting to learn all about the golden ratio, I did not know you incorporated math into art. We then focused on block printing. We sketched our block prints, did the negative sketches, then molded them, getting them ready for printing. It was extremely fun, and cool!
My favorite art piece was my fern drawing. I like how I used the charcoal to shade in the fern, and it looked really realistic. I worked hard on, and dedicated time on it. 
My second favorite piece was my golden ratio drawing. I put a lot of work into it, and I was really proud with my detail. I shaded the colors of the snow, and it was very soft looking, rather than hard, and blotchy.