Senior Art Q3

For Quarter three in senior art, I was taken back to to middle school where I learned about more advanced art. Though now, my art is much more detailed then when I was twelve.

We did a watercolor, metamorphosis pictures, mosaics, coats of arms drawings, and a wires sculpture, all things that I have done before in previous years.

I would say that my favorite piece of art to make was my water colors because I felt that I made the colors blend and ombre really well.  I made a painting of a close up to waves and sand on a beach, and a campsite on a hill during sunset. Another piece I enjoyed was the coat of Arms Drawing, I got to draw something totally original, I liked the colors I used, and I liked the simple design I picked.

The artwork that was the hardest for me was the wire sculpture. I was really hard to mold the paper clips into what you wanted them to be. People can't even really tell that my sculptures are of a sun and a balloon.