Senior Art Q3

This quarter in art was far different from every other quarter. We had a new teacher in the class and learned about new types of art and experimented with each. We started off with painting using India ink which is used in traditional Asian paintings. We conducted personal studies or practice sketches before we created our final piece. My final piece was inspired by an OFF-WHITE t-shirt designed by Othelo Gervacio and Virgil Abloh. It signifies the struggle of the native people of America and their history. Next was printmaking and again, we created studies before creating our final prints. My final prints were of a Final Fantasy inspired character and the Grim Reaper. Printmaking was extremely difficult due to the fact that we had to make sure each print was in the same place on every paper. The final assignment was a sculpture with a twist. We could only use materials that we find or scavenge. This was the most difficult for me because I did not have access to certain supplies that I needed to put my original piece together, therefore I had to change my idea. My current idea represents technology that teaches kids. Today in age, we live in a world where technology is distracting kids from learning, and while observing how kids interact with technology, I thought it would be a great idea to make technology that pulls their focus back on learning.