Senior Art Q3 Portfolio

This Quarter we were exposed to different techniques that were taught to us by our student assistant teacher Mr.Herrera. What made this quarter different however was that despite learning about different techniques, we were given a lot of freedom to create what we wanted.
When creating the Indian Ink Painting, I took a good amount of inspiration from artist Jake Wyatt's drawing of Marvel's superhero Black Bolt as I am a fan of both Mr.Wyatt's work and the character Black Bolt. I decided to go for a washed out and darker coloring with the ink because I've never done anything like that before and I wanted a challenge
For the printmaking, since I haven't done anything like that before, I decided to experiment with different colors and images. I decided to use pink and black for my prints as well as an original image and the sun from Adult Swim's Rick and Morty.
Finally for my sculpture, I wanted to talk about how oil companies use cotton to clean up oil spills so I decided to make a sword out of cotton, hangers and paper mache to show how oil companies are finding different ways to fight pollution. I enjoyed creating the sculpture the most.