Senior English: The Scarlet Letter, Juno, and Easy A

While studying The Scarlet Letter, Juno, and Easy A, our Sexuality and Society in Literature class examined the thematic connections between the three "texts" and crafted creative projects (accompanied by written self-reflections) that sought to capture a major theme from the works. 

Senior Brett Chapman chose to focus on the idea of an individual feeling ostracized by the larger society based on choices she/he made.  He states, "For my thematic project, I chose to focus on social outcasts and use a teen lens. Fabricating t-shirts, each with a different message, I explored choices some teens make that lead us to judge and isolate them. Thus, each t-shirt is an expression of an outcast in the 21st century.  The following pictures are of teenagers who have volunteered their time to participate in this photo shoot. The statements printed on the shirts do not display factual information of the models." The T-shirts and photos are displayed on the third floor outside of Room 303.

Senior Beth Knibbe chose to write an original song with lyrics to explore the themes of intellect vs. passion and love deeply rooted in true emotions. In her self-reflection, she expresses "I tried to start writing some lyrics [for my project] but I was coming up with nothing. I decided to think of some places in The Scarlet Letter where I saw these themes most prominently. The first part was the scene in the forest where Hester is watching Dimmesdale walk along the path before she approaches him. This got the ball rolling for me." Inspired by the text, Beth composed a listless guitar melody to match Dimmesdale's state of mind.  The rest is up to you to relfect on.  Download her song and take a listen for yourself.

The Only One