SEPTA Reliability & Affordability Blog #4

By: Teila Allmond

The goal is to develop awareness about the fact that SEPTA is not only reliable but doesn't live up to the expectations for the price that we pay. Recently prices have been raised but along with that, so has the pay of the workers. I would also like to discuss what possible techniques to reduce the price to ride SEPTA, with my representative. First, i sent an email to Joe Sestak explaining my point.

Congressman Joe Sestak,

            My classmate and I are working on lobbying the affordability and reliability of our local means of transportation, SETPA. We are both high school students that attend Science Leadership Academy in Central Philadelphia therefore we ride SEPTA quite often. Besides this, we are also traveling to sports games our friend’s houses so we’ve experienced almost every aspect of SEPTA whether bus, trolley, train or el. This requires us to rely heavily on the idea that SEPTA will work consistently and be a means by which we can travel effectively and at the same time not destroy our pockets since our budgets are quite low. It would be wonderful if you could give us feedback on this topic. Thank You Sir.

Teila Allmond and Aimee Leong,

Science Leadership Academy, Philadelphia.

We haven't received a response yet.