Sex Slave Trade_Blog #2_Hunt

In my first blog post I talked about the Sex Slave Trade that goes on all throughout the world. Also, in my first blog post I talked about what I was interesting to me and wrote basic information. In my prior blog there was talk about where the Sex Slave Trade. This is my second blog post and I will go into more depth into what is going on with the trade at the moment.

New research that has been selected for this blog is where Sex Slave Trade originated. There is not an exact place that there is said that it originated because slaves come from everyone. Although, many of resources say that is flourished in Islam while others say that it started in Thailand, while others say this started back during the slave trade itself. Disregarding from where this originated that is not the problem. The real problem is the Sex Slave Trade itself.

Currently, the Sex Slave Trade is known to be illegal in most parts of the world. Although, it is illegal the population of this trade is starting to grow as the years pass by us. It is said that in the United States we are the lowest ranked human trafficking country in the world. On the contrary in Thailand, they are the highest ranked country that part-takes in the Sex Slave Trade. Since, the 1900’s there have been approximately 80,000 women and children sold into this market.

Why is sex slave trade being done? In the Islamic culture most of the men find the women to be their property and think that they can do anything they want with them. In most countries especially poorer countries it is done for the money. In Thailand, the trafficking industry is being done because it is an annual 8 billion dollar industry.

Every year there are thousands of people that are human trafficked throughout the world. Even though the Sex Slave Trade is too big for anyone to make a huge impact to stop this there are organizations for this. Organizations are out the search in order to help victims stand up for what is right in hopes that this trade will be abolished. Some organizations to help are “Abolish Slavery” and “Not for Sale”.