Shanayia Roland Capstone

1.Shanayia Roland 

2. Ms. Dunn is  my mentor. I thought about how I loved the way Ms. Dunn carried herself as a female figure. I felt as though she was a great person to mentor me, since my capstone was all about the way young ladies present themselves to others.

3.The objective of my project was to create a girls mentorship program that creates a sisterhood through mentorship and interaction.

4. For my capstone, I create a girls mentorship program. This program was called Etiqué and it created a sisterhood through mentorship and interaction. Every friday I met with six, of Science Leadership Academy’s eleventh grade girls. Throughout the  process I learned many things about not only myself but every one of the girls as well. I learned that as a person helping, and supporting people is my passion. I am a person who loves to leads other people to the best possible lifestyle for themselves as well support them through their worst. The most important thing that the girls helped me learn about others is that there will be setbacks in life times when you may feel unappreciated, or discouraged but when you need people the most, those who impact you positively in life, will always be there there to help you over the obstacles. My final product will act as a timeline of how the girls and I have become women and how we have created a better female environment in Science Leadership Academy. It will also display the sisterhood we have created with one another.

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