Shay Tyler Journalism Senior Capstone

Through my capstone project, I got a chance to embrace my career goal in life. Down the line, I would like to have my own pro-black topic-centered podcast/news channel in the future after college only celebrating blackness in a light that motivates, elevates, and inspires others. Being that the core values of SLA are inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation, and reflection, I made my project centered around all 5. Beginning with Inquiry, I developed a question, What leads to a healthy discussion about deep philosophical questions that don’t have a yes or no answer and are completely opinionated? Journalism is centered around philosophy and asking questions that cannot always be answered making it objective. The second aspect of creating my podcasts was research, using sources that I found while forming my annotated bibliography, I discovered new ways to articulate my stance and direct facts from articles that fit my opinion. The difficulty I had with collaborating was getting volunteers to feature on the podcast, understanding that recording podcasts with minors is difficult due to liability, I decided to record on my own instead of creating a new model of collaboration. Instead, during black student union meetings, I decided to play clips from podcasts every week to discuss creating new opposing opinions. Presenting a podcast is hard when I worked from my room, however, I still managed to find a way to present. Below is linked a compilation of clips from each podcast that I created, this way those who are reviewing my work don’t have to listen to each podcast one by one, instead, the 5-minute compilation sums it up generally. Overall, while reflecting, this project has made me see how much I really do want to talk about these topics as a career in life and how much I could teach others through my knowledge of these significant topics about black people. I am excited to see what life brings after college due to this project.

Digital evidence-

Below is a link to a compilation of clips from each of my podcasts;

Annotated Bibliography-

Below is a link to my Annotated Bibliography;