She Thought She Was Slick

I thought that they could be trusted but it seems like they're not trustworthy.

What are they serving today? Hm…

I’ll have a salad and ummm a water, please.

[Dials lunch number]

Why is he trying to talk to me now?

I've been what! I'm the most faithful chick out here, the fuck you talking about?

“Yea I was at the party”

“Nothing happened between me and Ethan”

“I was just talking to her this morning”

“That can’t be true shes my best friend, I haven't done nothing to her that would get to the point of her saying any of this!”

“How can you believe any of this….. I don’t care if she told you. If I'm telling you that I had never done any of this then why are you still believing it?

I can't believe she would ever say I cheated on my boyfriend.  What if this gets out and he finds out. I don’t remember doing any of this at the party. It can’t be true. I need to find Ethan like right now! [Picks up phone and dials]

Ethan, it’s me. What have you… But I….

It’s not true. You just want to start spreading lies about you and me because I told you to go be with one of your other hoes. That's why you had left in the first place.

I was at the party, yes. But I don’t remember anything. I mean you know I was drinking. Duh like who wasn’t drinking it was the first party of the school year, I wasn’t about to be sober and be with all my other drunk friends.

You can not control what I do. This is why we broke up that night because you feel as though I can’t do anything without you knowing my every move.

You have people believing that I cheated on you and that's why we aren’t together. When you were the one who cheated on me with fucking Maria. I gave you a second chance and Maria as well.

But since you both wanna be playing around spreading all these fucking rumors about me. Might as well just have the the real truth put out there.

No, don’t tell me to calm down!

Making me look like a whore out here because you're mad we aren´t together anymore.

Fuck you! Go be with Maria and all her damn issues cause she's not my problem anymore nor are you.

Maria get over here now! I know you can hear me don’t act like a bitch now!

Oh, so you wanna start talking about me cheating on my boyfriend that night. What about you sleeping with him while we were together! And I found out and didn’t tell anyone, absolutely no one. I forgave both of you.

Oh you didn’t want anyone finding out, did you? Well, Karmas a bitch isn’t it. That's what I thought so, go throt ya ass down the hallway and feel how I was feeling all day today. At least the shit you were spreading was a lie. But these all facts.

Lay a hand on me and you’re done cause all this anger will end you in a place where your pretty little face won’t be seen anymore.

[Starts laughing]

Come on touch me I dare you.

Cause now everybody knows you the whore of the school.

Yeo everyone watch ya mans cause Maria probably out here trynna get wit them.

Oh and that's right Ethan too he's in the same boat as you, both whores.

Go be together now cause you both won’t have anyone after this.

Duces honey have a nice life.

Comments (3)

Camren Jones (Student 2021)
Camren Jones

I liked listening to it and it made me laugh a bit because of how realistic it is. Through your writing, you can hear the tone in which the character is mad without even listening to it.

Aidan McLaughlin (Student 2021)
Aidan McLaughlin

Your monologue made me mad since the main characters best friend, and boyfriend cheated on her with each other. The writing conveyed this feeling of upset by using curse words.

Isabella Torres (Student 2021)
Isabella Torres

This monologue made me laugh? Like it was just funny because this is something you see and hear everyday in school. You can tell that the main character was angry and that they wanted to fight. This led me (the reader) on their side, like I'm about to fight with them haha, good job Gia.