Shelby Harcher's Globalization 4th Quarter BM

For this project, the most challenging part was coming up with a topic. Living in a large city there are many topics one could choose when working on a project like this. I knew that I wanted to focus on education, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to exactly talk about. At first, I was going to talk about positive stories about individuals who were apart of the Philadelphia School District, however, with lack of time and resources, I decided to talk about extracurriculars in the school district after seeing my little brother's play at his school. In the past few years, there have been many budget cuts and after-school programs and activities have been the first to go, especially those dealing with the arts. 

To be honest, I believe that stories like these go unnoticed because there are so many bad things going on in the city, the media finds it necessary to inform people about those stories before the positive ones. Many people enjoy hearing positive stories about the city, especially those dealing with the youth so I think that more stories like these should be told. However, I don't think that within the next few months this story or any similar one will be told because first off, school will be closing for the summer, and also because this has been going on for awhile now, and it's still not getting noticed by the media or the rest of the city. 

Doing this project made me learn that there are many good things about our school district. A lot of stories you hear about the Philadelphia School District are bad so hearing something good was refreshing. Also, I learned that if there are obstacles thrown at people who are determined to do something, they will find a way to get around it and do what they're passionate about.