Silverman Q2 Media Fluency Reflection

Silverman Q2 Media Fluency copy V4
I added the picture of the axolotl to create interest, which is furthered by mirroring the pink of 'LOVE'. Also, the size of the picture grabs attention very easily. The background changed from indigo to black so the salmon colored axolotl wouldn't look gaudy; the change also accentuated the text. 

The picture and cream-colored SCONES are reflected so as to create the illusion of depth, like the axolotl is touching the word. The dark, spaced out SCONES creates more repetition since it functions like the cream SCONES' shadow. It also takes up space and, because of the muted color, doesn't clutter the canvas. 

The overlapping O's in AXOLOTLS and LOVE have the dual color to mimic an axolotl's eye, plus it keeps the teal and the pink balanced a little better.