Singing about drugs and its ok

English 9


                                                  Singing about drugs and it’s ok

Hi there. My name is Josiah Mast and I have been attending SLA for freshman year of highschool. While there my class was given the assignment of trying to impact something that we are passionate about. I decided to do Medical and recreational Marijuana. I went with that topic because I feel that I have a real connection with the idea of marijuana being legalized so that my state and city can become a better place. Earlier in my slate post #1 and #2 I had written about how I want to be able to really change this schools view on marijuana because they believe that promoting the illegal substance should not be tolerated. I wanted to be able to show the school that by enforcing this rule that they were trapping people identities beneath their surface so that they couldn’t express their true identities. I conducted a survey and got phenomenal results from it(see slate post #2). I got help from Ellie siegel a woman that is fighting in the state of pennsylvania to make marijuana legalized for medical and recreational use. She gave me a few pointers on my first doc and then we lost contact somehow. I was wondering how I was going to come up with a slatepost 3 when I hadn’t changed anything. Than that's when it hit me that  I had changed SLA in a way. A not so long ago I had written a song about marijuana and sang it in the hallways while walking to the next class. People would run over and sing the songs and I would talk to them about how I really felt that it was wrong that medical and recreational marijuana were illegal in the state of Pa. People would agree and talk to me about how they felt. These little conversations here and there might impact them for the rest of their life. I have always said that talking to someone who is older and has made up their mind about this topic as not as useful as telling someone now when they have the next 3 years of high school and college were when they enter another conversation like the one they had with me they can think back on it and try to change others minds as well. People might just remember me while they are eating dinner in like 10 years from now and tell the story about me and use the knowledge I gave them to give to others. I am already looking back and am glad I didn’t write a letter because it probably would have been boring. It has been proven the things that are boring have less of an effect on things that are entertaining. Besides I didn’t want to do something that I wasn’t passionate about. This freshman year was all about who you are. I am not a person that writes formal letters. I write letters that are songs and that can change a freshman class’s minds on  a topic that I am passionate about.


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