Single Slide part II


After the first slide that I did, I thought the project was okay just like how my slide was just okay. It wasn’t anything special but it worked for what the project was asking for. This is why it took a little while to even start the revised version. I didn’t have much interest to do the first slide. Yes I looked at some of the websites that suggested strategies for design but knowing how to make the slide look decent didn’t really help me choose an image, a topic, something to go off of. So there was no real motivation. Although I did still have to do something so I put a slide together very last minute and that was that. Like I said I thought the slide was okay seeing as I didn't put much effort into it but, when it was time for me to present to the class about how I designed my slide I didn’t really know what to say.

The feedback I got from the presentation was definitely helpful and in general it sounded to me like I should take my own picture for the slide instead of looking one up. Now I understood where that was coming from and I also thought a picture of my own would be better but I don’t have a super amazing camera so that didn't really work out. But I did indeed make my own picture in a way. Now if the comment on my slide wasn’t “take your own picture” it was “it’s too blurry at the bottom”... both things I couldn't really change. So I decided to start over completely. I stayed with the soccer theme though so I wasn’t completely lost or anything, just had a blank slide.

For some reason starting the new slide was much easier than the first one (that is when I actually decided to start.) In place of the soccer ball on the field by itself I tried to find a picture of player I liked on the ball or just holding one. After stretching a couple of photos to try and fit in the background of a slide I decided to try something different. I got a picture of the player I wanted and this time it wasn’t the whole background of the slide but only an image in there. I threw a couple more in the slide to try and add more flavor but that wasn't working either. The idea was really good but it just looked ugly with a bunch of rectangular images in there with no good way to fit them together. At this point I decided to devote myself to a good looking slide. I thought well the players would look fine but just without the stupid backgrounds. So I found a free photo editing site and fiddled around with the images till I found a good brightness and whatnot. It was pretty much all downhill after that, I figured I could keep two uniform colors present then make the text that color as well. Overall I was happy with the outcome and enjoyed the project.