Single Slide Remix

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Originally I was going for the the Ikea look, like focusing it on one thing. To me, it made sense at first but then explaining it to people I can could see why it was so many of my teammates were confused.  My and teammates think my topic was clear.  Somethings that my teammates told me to improve ways to make sure my topic was more clear.  Also to not have as many pictures because at first look they didn't make sense.  My pictures were also srinked and weren't pleasing to the eye.

After taking in all my critiques and applying them to my slide i decided to improve it by just having ONE picture and basing it on my topic(languages).  I also changed my background to blue because it’s like the sky in my picture and also when asking people what’s their favorite color many siad blue so I thought it would be appealing to the eye.  My front color is yellow because I think yellow is a color that pops to the eye.  Also since my background is the sky, the yellow front goes well with the sun my my picture.  Now I think my slide is more understanding and well done.

After all us this I really appreciate the speech Ms. Hull gave us because it made me feel a lot better knowing that none of us got the project done right and that we are supposed to learn from our mistake, so I want to thank Ms. Hull for that because not only do I feel more confident in Tech I feel better in my other classes.