Skilled in the art of Video Games?

With this project I set out to show that the ways that games have us learn skills aren't that different from the ways that we might be able to learn skills for the the real world's use, in fact some may even overlap in some situations, maybe not the ones that let you fix the office stapler or the ones that let you take on the fire breathing dragon to save the town, but some.  My video tells the story of some of the skills that people who play games might have been learning without really even noticing it, a bunch of them have some real life applications too making it all the better.  I hope that people will, after watching my video, gain a different understanding of how we might be able to use this growing trend of games sucking us up into something that can really benefit our lives in the real world, that we don't just have to keep using the old methods that really can't compete with a world that was engineered to grab and hold someone's attention we can being to meld the two into a better state of learning and working for everyone.  I think that while doing this project I certainly deepened my understanding of all of those things even more so than I have with similar projects in the past.

Video Can Be Found Here