SLA Bike Week!


If you plan on participating fill out this form. 

Hello everyone! This is Sam Sirochman, I am hosting SLA Bike Week, it will be happening from May 21st - 

May 25th. It is my Senior Capstone and I am doing this to promote a healthier and happier community at SLA. My goal is for everyone to ride their bikes to school, although that may be unlikely, I would like for as many people to ride to school as possible.

Why should you ride? Well because exercising in the morning is a great way to
lose weight, increase brain function, and increases overall happiness. Now if you are planning to ride in the mornings, I highly suggest that you take a look at the Preferred Commuter Routes. I must also ask that if you plan on riding, please wear a helmet! We at SLA, are all very bright people and I would hate for any of us to fall and get seriously injured.

Now the best part, if you plan on riding and are interested in getting a PhillyLove’sBikes Sticker. Let me know and I can save you one. (I’ve got 250, they will go fast!) Finally, the SLA Bike Week Raffle, we will be raffling a $50 Modell’s Gift Card. Everyday you ride your name will be entered in the Raffle. You ride once, you have one chance. If you ride everyday, your name will be entered 5 times. There will be a spreadsheet by the bicycle rack, you must write your name and bike model, I will put a check for everyday you ride.

Please remember to use the Bike Rack!

Thank you for your time, I hope to see you all riding!

Read up on some safety guidelines!