Slide #2 by Nick Ryan


From doing this slide, I learned a lot of things. I learned that symmetry, spacing, and wording is the key to a good slide. I also learned about the different tools designers use when creating billboards, like the rule of thirds, making the words big, contrasting the words and the background, and a lot more. I made changes to my first slide presentation. I changed the font, cleaned up the spacing, and got rid of the underlines. I changed the font because I wanted it to be interesting to my viewers and so I put it in Acme font. I cleaned up the spacing because it was sloppy. Each line seemed too close to each other and some of the letters touched the other words. Finally, I got rid of the underlines because it made the slide look messy and it touched the letters below it. These were the things I learned about in making this slide and these were the changes I made to my slide.
Media Fluency Slide by Nick Ryan