Slide Design by Bella Mezzaroba

“Always think big”, describes me perfectly. I don’t do anything small. I’m determined to succeed in everything I do and like to make things extravagant. I tried to make the slide design as appealing as possible.

I was very tempted to make this slide fancier and more detailed but less is more in this situation. The simple picture of the earth bleeds of the page giving the illusion of a larger image and the font emphasizes the importance of this slide. I used colors that flowed well together and kept the eyes of my audience focused. I also attempted to use the Rule of Thirds, and evenly distributed the words and pictures across the slide.
Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 10.59.48 AM
Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 10.59.48 AM
From this project, I learned that visual design is an art. There are rules and regulations that you must follow for your design to be visually pleasing. I used the rule of thirds and page bleeding in my second slide.
Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 10.59.57 AM
Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 10.59.57 AM

Comments (4)

Kristina Scalia-Jackson (Student 2016)
Kristina Scalia-Jackson

I noticed that the transformation from your first slide to your new one isn't that big, but its very noticeable. I wonder what if you made your image even bigger to get rid of more negative space. What if you changed the format of your text a little? Even so I really like your slide! I think the side earth adds to the statement!

Gina Sorgentoni (Student 2016)
Gina Sorgentoni

I noticed how you bled the picture of the Earth and used font and spacing to take up negative space. I wonder what your slide would look like if you used colors from the picture of earth. What if you arranged your text and images in a different way.

Rafi Hares (Student 2016)
Rafi Hares

I notice how well your image bleeds off the page. I wonder if you could have made the font bigger. What if you added more visually appealing colors.