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Trying to make a slide visual can be difficult. You never know if it’s good enough. You try to fill in all the spaces and make sure it doesnt look empty by trying to make pictures bigger or put more pictures on there without making it look cramped together. 

I chose to put a busy background so that the spaces in between wouldn’t look blank, empty and boring. I put pictures in my slide that describe what I live by.  The first thing i did was put a picture of myself that would best fit the other pictures i would later add. When i was thinking of what to put in my slide, i started thinking of things i did in the morning and one thing was put on make up so thats where the Mac Collection comes in. 

I tilted my pictures different ways to make it look more appealing so that people would want to know what they were about. I used repetition so that it would be clear of what i really liked. I clearly love Marilyn Monroe and beside the pictures, the quotes describe a what i look to for self motivation. I added ballet into my slide, it’s something that i have a strong passion for. It helps me escape the struggles and frustrations of everyday life. It’s peaceful and graceful and relaxing. I also incorporated a part of my culture into my slide which is where the Jamaican flag plays out.

My slides describes me in my simplest form and it goes with the good points i need to make a good slide. 

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Comments (6)

Kristina Scalia-Jackson (Student 2016)
Kristina Scalia-Jackson

I noticed how much of a transformation you allowed your slide to have. I wonder what the slide would look like with the Jamaican flag as the background bleeding off. What if you changed that white color? Not having any negative space could help.

Adowa Mohamed (Student 2016)
Adowa Mohamed

I really noticed how you focused more on one topic and the layout is really eye appealing. Also the the font style stays the same throughout the slide. I wonder what would happen if is you used a different color background. This is really nice and simple and to the point. NICE WORK!

Rafi Hares (Student 2016)
Rafi Hares

I really like how you made this bleed off the page. I notice that it could have been better if you had more of a central theme. I wonder what you could have done so people eye's aren't distracted by all the images. What if you had pictures bleed off the page.