1 Slide Tech Project

1 slide
For my slide I made sure to keep minum words on my slide so you can read quickly then listen to me.  I kept the golden ratio of ⅓ empty space ⅔ filled. My slide has a Word than a picture of it using slight repetition to be remembered. I tried to have contrast in colors and keep my slide eye catching and interesting. I used colors I liked about things I like. On my slide I talked about my family and two with major impacts on my life which is my niece for one being the closest thing I have to a younger sibling which makes me more responsible and my sister who has gone through some issues in her life which affected my family and those close to her. I also have some activities of mine which I really enjoy which are drawing which is more of a hobby I do in freetime, but is a great stress reliever/distraction from life and about acting which is what I want to do when I’m older and I have been doing since around second grade it has provided me with many skills freinds and entertainment.