Soccer Slide Remix


After presenting to my group I learned how to improve my slide dramatically. First, the text in my slide should have been bolder and a different color because it did not contrast with the background and was hard to see. I also learned that the computer was a distraction to the eye so it would be easier if I took it out or made it bigger. Since I received this feedback, I decided to make the computer bigger and change the font and color of my text.

To make this slide I used various resources. I started by reading some of the articles that were provided for us. From these sources, I learned about contrast, blank space, and the rule of symmetry. Later in the project, I watched several youtube videos on how to make a professional slide. These videos taught me various tricks and effects. Finally, I used my classmates feedback and teachers advice to create a finished copy of my slide.

Learning how to make a proper slide is essential when attending SLA. Since SLA is a project based school, I can used these new skills to better my projects and grades. Even after high school, the ability to make slides will prove helpful in college and often times work. Overall, I hope to further improve my slide creating and presenting talent.