Societee Game - Collapse Benchmark

For my project, I studied Mali (in Africa) and Romania (in Europe). Both countries face an immense amount of problems that stem from Environmental Damage (in particular, their farming exports have led to numerous factors) that put each at a high to medium risk of collapse. In evaluating each nation, I researched the nation and their economy in-depth, and saved important articles for later. Then, I reviewed the sources with regard to the five-point framework and determined the likelihood that each nation would collapse. The evaluation was straightforward, but determining what information to include was much more difficult than it seemed. Overall, I would’ve liked to make my project more interactive and visual (with a reduction in text explanation). However, due to the nature of the project, it would’ve been very difficult to do so while still explaining all factors in-depth. In the future, I would like to see this project removed from the curriculum. While I enjoyed the project, it seemed as though it simply modified an essay assignment and turned it into a visual project (which didn’t really work). To solve this, I would either have students write a paper to this regard or avoid the requirement of evaluating with the five point framework. Doing so would allow the project to be more interactive while demonstrating the same levels of knowledge.