Softball Clinic

Softball has been a large part of my life for as long as I can remember. Many months ago, when brainstorming ideas for my capstone project, I knew that I wanted to do something having to do with softball. After a lot of thought and talking with family, friends, and coaches, I decided to create and host a clinic for younger softball players. I spent months doing research, reaching out and communicating with people and organizations, and planning specifics of my clinic. I had everything planned out down to the small party favors that I would give out at the end. At the last minute, disaster struck. I was informed that I wasn’t going to be able to host my clinic at the field that I had planned to. In panic, I tried to find a new field to run my clinic but I was not able to. Every field that fit my criteria: safe, reliable, somewhat close, etc, was filled and therefore my clinic that I had spent months working on and planning, could not happen. Not that my two hour clinic would’ve been life changing, but now these kids aren’t able to improve their skills, meet other young softball players, and grow their love for the sport. Once I got over the frustration and sadness that I felt, I became frustrated for a different reason.