Some Boys Kiss Boys, Some Girls Kiss Girls.

You and the World, for me, is about Teen Suicide related to gay rights and gay bullying. I've always heard stories about my friends being gay bashed, to the point where they want to commit suicide. I would hear it on tv, and I strongly believe that there is nothing worst than losing your child because kids are bullying them for their sexual orientation.

Teen suicide is the third leading cause of deaths for teenagers. It is more common for males to commit suicide because of getting bullied because they are gay, than it is for a female. As of now, anti-gay bullying programs are not working at all. Gay-right supporters want anti-gay bullying programs to be about harassment to the gay youth, while religious conservatives think it is an chance to change teen's views of homosexuality. Regarding to the fact that religions are saying that homosexuality is a sin. 

I wonder...what every made it okay to bully anyone. Someone is gay? So, they are still the same person you knew before they were gay. When was it ever right to brutally harass someone until the point, where they think nothing is going to get better?

I want to research about different cases of teen suicide because of gay bashing. I want to find organizations that are gay-right supporters and see what they are doing about this, to change it.