Somerton United Methodist Church

Anna Roman
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Documentary Script: Somerton United Methodist Church

Narrator- In the small town of Somerton there are not many historical buildings, but across the William peen cemetery there is a small white building known as Somerton Methodist Church. Who would have thought something so small could have some good history.

Narrator- the town of Somerton was and still is a small town, but is actually known for its fast growing foreign born population, which mostly consist of Russian and Indian immigrants.

Narrator- the Somerton United Methodist Church is located in what was originally a cemetery, until 1905 when the cemetery was moved. The United Methodist Church was created when Bishop Reuben H. Mueller and Bishop Lloyd C. Wicke of The Methodist Church joined hands at the constituting General Conference in Dallas, Texas. Then in 1958 the Somerton United Methodist Church was built; most likely by a branch of the United Methodist Church. As well as other churches across the country. The whole congregations of the United Methodist Churches felt strongly towards the different wars from having family members fight in them to sharing certain beliefs towards the wars.

Narrator- Since a lot of the United Methodist Churches had these strong views of the war, at a certain time people would actually attack and set fire to a lot of the churches because of their beliefs. During World War 1 the church had built fallout shelter ground, where the people could go in case of bombing attacks from the war. As the years went on, the Methodist churches still held strong feelings towards the wars but manly worked hard to secure peace and order.

Narrator- during the world war one and two there were many men from Somerton who left to the wars, in honor of them a small memorial was built and placed in front of the church which names all the men from Somerton who lost their lives in the wars.

Narrator-  Now-a-days the church is sometimes used for a polling place, other then that the church is used for nothing more then a church.

Narrator- that’s all for now folks but remember no matter how big or small, everything has a story.


1) Somerton United Methodist Church:

- This source was the church itself. From the different signs around the church that gave the info of when it was built, and the world war 1&2 memorial in front of it. I also got some information from my dad, Francisco Roman, who knows some stuff about the church.

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- This source gave me all the history I needed for the United Methodist Church. The church I did was just a branch of the United Methodist Church. So to find out a little bit about my church I learned more about the main one. It provided a times of when it was created and such, as well as detailed information about different activities and main events.

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- This source provided me with a lot of the pictures I use in my presentation video. And helped me see what the town of Somerton was like years back. This is a really good website for finding old photos of certain areas.