​The Peanut Chew

"Who stole the peanut-chew out of the jar!" ,
Said the extremely mad mother of three ,
"Mike it was you cause' you ran to the car!",
"But mother what made you think it was me" ,
"Well you smell like peanut from what I know",
"Well thats the deodarant that you smell",
"Until I find out ... you don't play in the snow."
"O-M-G it wasn't me . . . what the hell!"
"Watch your mouth and now go up to your room."
"Sydney come over now and stand right here,"
"Mike up to your room and I'll call you soon."
"Mother yelled until Sydney dropped a tear."
"Mother heard chewing and wondered who'd it be,"
"Then she smelled chocolate and looked back at me."