Sophia DeOliveira's Capstone

Doing this project taught me so many things. For my capstone, Jamira and I did a fashion line to express what we really like on our clothing. Growing up in different neighborhoods, but the same generation, our pieces came out basically the same. Each piece we designed had a part of each other's thought and suggestions written on it someway. We thought of a way to gain attention and attract certain people's eye's in some type of creative way. We found that people often turn to clothes when stressed- or if they just simply want to pamper themselves. Whatever the case, we saw that people would actually like our stuff, and we could sell it (giving the money to some type of beneficial fundraiser).

The whole process over all was such an enjoyment. The actual printing of our first shirt was documented on snap chat, and we couldn't be more excited. We saw that "Ajeji" was going to be big. We made designs on Photoshop (so a big shout out to them), and we just couldn't wait to post our clothes on the website that are available for purchase. This capstone that team work really does make the dream work. Without Jamira focusing on the business aspect of the whole thing, i would have been to busy to even make the clothes. Jamira is extremely persuasive, and I'm good with my imagination. so together we created a really nice project and clothing line. We sold the products to different people, and the fashion show was an over all success.