Sophia Florence's Capstone

For my capstone, I did a ten-page research paper exploring the impacts of greek life. Specifically, I focused my thesis and essential questions on how greek life perpetuates rape culture and sexual violence, promotes toxic masculinity and endorses the overuse of alcohol and drugs. In my paper, I argue that fraternities and sororities should be abolished. Through my research, I realized how greek organizations have a long history of sexual violence and how the toxic masculinity, that is promoted within fraternities, has a major connection to the sexual violence that is disturbingly common within greek life. Along with the connection, toxic masculinity has to sexual violence, it also is a key factor in why fraternities and sororities participate in acts of hazing. As a woman about to enter college, these are topics that are very relevant to my life. Greek life is surrounded by incidences of sexual assault, rape, and even death. I want to make sure that others around me also understand the detrimental impacts that greek life has on everyone, not just women.

Final Greek Life Research Paper - Sophia Florence
Annotated Bibliography - Sophia Florence (1)