Spanish 2 Reflection Cheyenne Pagan

​My project was about who I was, who I am, and who I want to be. I tried to keep it simple yet creative by doing a little booklet. My original plan was to do the complete booklet with cutouts from magazines but I couldn't find all the pictures I needed in the magazines that I had available to me. I do like my sentences and I feel like I'm a lot better with my spanish and I did reach the goal of this project, showing my knowledge of spanish. If I were to do something differently it would definitely be my design of this project I wasn't satisfied with the messiness and the child looking arts and craft that I handed in. I was attempting to go more for "made for children" rather than "made from children". I would have changed my direction once I realized that my original idea was too much for me to handle and gone with a neater looking presentation.