Spanish Interview Video

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Alicia Jung-Allen

Good job! You introduce the company’s aim well and your questions are straightforward and your sentences are nice and simple. Try to lengthen some of your answers a bit. Employers ask you for your information only so they can know more about you -- let them know more! I couldn’t see any errors in grammar or spelling, it was very tight knit. Cant wait to see it when it’s done. Great work.
2. Quinn Grzywinski
    Jaime Grzywinski
Really good, I cant any grammer of punctuation mistkaes as far as I can see, and you questions and answers are really concise and flow well together. If I had to point towards something that can be improved, try having your questions and answers play off one another a little more and react to each-other. This will make it seem like a more real conversation. 
3.Elena Haven
 I really enjoy your questions and answers! The flow of the questions make sense. You ask questions that make sense in an interview. There are a few conjugation errors, make sure to use the usted form. Other than that, great job!
4. Tomas Kegler
 Well Jason I felt like this was a great assignment that you have produced and I can tell you have improved from a different time when I have peered reviewd your work. Just work on conjugation and word choice. But, other than that nice job.
5. Miguel Harte
 The way I se the BM being put together I think is good but the way you have your BM set up is cool. I cant wait to see it. I was able to read the most of it so I think that others in class will understand more.
Spanish Rubric: La Entrevista
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