Spare Any Change?

(Main character is scruffy and sitting down behind what appears to be a city background / backdrop that is dimly lit)

(Softly while jingling a cup) Spare any change? Change. Please Ma’am, anything you could spare?

(Sighs and puts down cup) How did this become my life? Sitting on the streets and begging for scraps.

I remember when I was a baseball player. Man, I even had the best swing of my league.

(Looks remorsefully at his still calloused palms) Still have proof too. The callous never really faded.

I could've been a national player if not for people’s ridiculous opinions.

When my teammates found out, they were uncomfortable around me. Before I knew it, I was shunned. The guys would turn away from me in the locker room, some even refused to change with me there. They treated me as if I was an alien based on my preference.

I never asked to be like this. Were they uncomfortable with my sexual status or just me? What did I ever do wrong?

I was harassed for things I had no control over. (Mockingly) “I guess he bats for the other team. Ironic he picked this sport.”

I finally acknowledged my sexuality, but I guess not everyone could. I was looked down on, thought of as ‘weird’ or ‘disgusting.’ I was viewed as different, incomprehensible, some people just couldn’t understand and so I had to become a victim.

What makes me the most upset is that I tried really hard. I wanted a career in athletics, it was what I loved doing. I practiced to points of exhaustion sometimes to make sure I was fully connecting with the ball, that my stamina was good, or just catching exercises. I could’ve been so good, successful even. If only I was the modern society’s view of ‘normal.’

I was kicked out. Fired. Terminated. My coach gave me the spiel of how my personal life got in the way of my fellow team members’ productivity and how the teamwork shifted to a place that wasn’t up to par with the competition. How I was responsible, how it was my fault.

I understand that some people won’t just magically accept me for who I am. I’m not asking people to embrace the fact that I’m attracted to the same sex. I’m just asking for people to see beyond who I am attracted to. Who I love doesn’t affect my morals, my personality, or my foundations as a person. I am human!

Baseball ended there. I tried to transfer, but no one would take me. But, I realized, this could be good. I could make a clean slate, be who I am. Unfortunately, finances didn’t allow me this privilege. Money eventually ran short and I’m no good at other jobs. I tried moving a couple times and long story short, rent is a lot of money. Life is hard, and I do miss the past ‘normal’ me, but I would never want to go back.

(Reaches out and picks up cup again) After all, I rather be myself with nothing, than be a fraud with everything.

(Holds out cup) Spare any change? Change. Please Ma’am, anything you could spare?

(Lights fade and a distinct clink of a coin being dropped can be heard)
Dumb Monologue

Comments (3)

Xavier Gavin (Student 2018)
Xavier Gavin
  1. I didn't really connect with the character personally. However, I do get where they're coming from with everything they're saying.
  2. Honestly, this whole story will stick with me. As someone who doesn't discriminate based on one's sexuality and as someone who has friends and family of all different sexualities, it was a nice read. It reminded me that not everyone accepts people who aren't "normal" in their eyes, and how discrimination really can affect someone's life in a bad way.
Ethan Halprin (Student 2018)
Ethan Halprin

I did connect with the character, but not until the very end. I think the final few lines were the best, and the ending made me feel sympathy for the character. I will remember this, but the beginning seemed a little unrealistic, but I eventually excepted it.

Gabriel Copeland (Student 2018)
Gabriel Copeland

I didn't feel as if I connected to the character that much, but most definitely it served some other allegory as I used to play baseball and ended up not playing any more after incidents with teammates so I get the premise of this story. The part that I will remember is the line about finances not allowing the privilege to do what this person wanted. I also enjoyed the reminiscence of looking back on a sport once enjoyed.