Speak up. Someone cares.

The world is a place that we the people live in and is full of problems. For this project we were to pick a topic based on a worldly issues that we’d like to discuss.


My topic focuses in on teen suicide and depression because it is the leading cause of death. As you grow up, sometimes you hit unexpected events in your life that you can’t handle. Bullying, because of weight, looks, clothing, and or sex, is the main cause of suicide and depression. Even though I haven’t been through the act of bullying myself, I know someone who has.


When the act of suicide is successful its usually not the first time it was attempted, in fact researchers have found that plans for suicide are made by 1 in 6 teenagers. 20% of teenagers have thought about suicide itself even if they weren’t actually going to commit it. Depression is not only caused by bullying, but also by relationship problems, deaths with family and friends, stress for school, parental abuse or divorce. These struggles can cause angry emotional and physical abuse to themselves, sadness, loneliness, and lack of energy.


I wonder what others did who didn’t commit suicide to better themselves and help get through their’ deep state of sadness. I wonder if those who did commit suicide reached out to others for help or even had someone to talk to discuss their’ issues with.


I plan to do a lot more research about depression and suicide and talk to my loved one who has attempted suicide to share her feelings with. No one should have to go through this so you speak up because someone cares.


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