Speak up. Someone cares. Part2

Depression is not a choice someone chooses to make it’s a biologic disease some people go through. There is no individual cause of depression, but it can be transferred genetically, biochemically, and environmentally. With teenagers the depression is more common especially when it comes to high school. This disease is usually not recognized by families until they notice bad or unusual behavior.


Signs of Depression:

                Frequent vague, non-specific physical complaints such as headaches, muscle aches, stomachaches or tiredness

                Frequent absences from school or poor performance in school

                Talk of or efforts to run away from home

                Outbursts of shouting, complaining, unexplained irritability, or crying

                Being bored

                Lack of interest in playing with friends

                Alcohol or substance abuse

                Social isolation, poor communication

                Fear of death

                Extreme sensitivity to rejection or failure

                Increased irritability, anger, or hostility

                Reckless behavior

Difficulty with relationships


Suicide is the leading cause of teenage deaths and more teenagers die from it than cancer or any other serious disease. Every year suicide is planned by over 2millions high students in the U.S. and 400 thousand of them attempt it and need medical attention. These attempts are mainly made by gays, bisexuals, and transgenders.


The rates of teen suicide are shown to have increased because of teen suicide coverage by the media. Whites at 31% are shown to receive the most treatment for suicidal cases, while blacks show only 22% and Hispanics show only 14%. Some say it’s a racial issue that whites get the most help out of all the other races, but others say its because they get the most attention from there families. I say it all depends on how busy and loving your parents are, they show you the most attention. If they noticed things different about you, then they do their all to get you the help you need.