Speak up. Someone cares. Part 3

Suicide has been founded to be increasing because of the media. Researchers see that teenagers and more vulnerable at their age because of the intimidation and behavior of others around them. Scientists say it’s a stage of “social modeling”. This is when family members are replaced by friends and peers to influence them rather than an adult. At that age of teenage years and adolescence your brain is not fully developed, this is a known fact of why a child acts out when going through depression which could lead to attempts of suicide.


In depression, drug and or alcohol abuse is most commonly found. By this teenagers, seem to run for it as a solution to their problems of making them feel better. It also is like a friend that takes place of an adult role model and if things like drinking and smoking are publicized on the television, a teenager might think of that to help themselves, even if the outcome leads to something bad.


Suicide shouldn’t be covered on the news, but since it is, than its method shouldn’t be talked about. The location and few not very detailed information should be given. This is because sometimes the information told gives teenagers ideas of how they might want to harm themselves. Suicide should be stopped because life is worth something to live for, every 15 minutes someone commits suicide and at that rate it’s about 34,00 suicides a year. Some should be done about this so I think teenagers, adults, and people of every age who are going through depression and or are thinking about suicide should speak up and reach out because someone cares.