This quarter I really enjoyed the fact that we got to work with different mediums beside just charcoal and paper. I felt a bit challenged because my artistic skills were challenged in more than one way, but if I wasn't good with one thing, I could be good at something else.
Sculpture: For my sculpture I made a nightlight. It's made out of a sewing hem, sewing blueprints, paper and foam letters. It was fun to make and I felt like I could get really creative with it. I specifically chose to make a nightlight because I had found a design on a website that looked really awesome and I remembered always having one as a child.
Pictures: I've always liked photography and I used to carry a camera with me everywhere I went. I really love taking pictures of architecture and flowers. I found that photoshopping pictures can be difficult. I wish I could've designed more complex edits, but I did what I could and combined different effects.
Artist Copy: I copied a piece by Alexander Calder using paint. His works specially caught my eye because they were very modern and geometric.
Bike Drawings: I have never drawn a bike before and I was constantly stressing about whether or not the mechanics of the bike looked right, but I kept going. To me, the hardest part of drawing the bike was putting in the spokes, they never looked right when I put them in, but I believe in the end they turned out fine.
Outside Drawing: This is a drawing of a tree outside. Since drawing every single leaf on the tree can be frustrating and way too time consuming, I drew the tree as if it had a bush of leaves, then extended the branches into each other and off the page. To me, it looks like it symbolizes the way a tree changes during the seasons.