Starting a Conversation Politely

​This week I wanted to know if there were any special ways of staring a conversation politely verus the alternative, rudely.  When I say starting a conversation I don't just mean walking up to a random person and starting to say something completely random or interrupting someone else's conversation to start your's I mean starting a new one even if it is with a random person.

This week as I mentioned in my last post I was going to try and get down to my old school to talk to my old spanish teacher, Maestra Sandra.  Thankfully we both had an opening and I was able to then go back to my old school and interview her.


- ¿Cuales son algunos de las formas para empezar un conversación? (What are some ways of beginning a conversation?)

- ¿Usted tiene una forma favorita? (Do you have a favorite way?)

- ¿Hay mas formas a empezar una conversación con alguien cortésmente o mas formas que no son cortésmente? (Are there more ways of starting a conversation politely or impolitely?)

I learned a few things through this interview, one being that that it really doesn't seem like it's all that hard to start a conversation politely.  Another thing that I learned is that being polite when starting a conversation is extremely important in some place, more important than I thought.

One way to be polite while starting a conversation can be found here
Inteview With Meastra Sandra

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Terrance Oliveri-Wiliams (Student 2013)
Terrance Oliveri-Wiliams

I like this because, although tourists aren't rude, I feel like they could break some ice before asking me where something is, and I guess it's the same way if I were to go to a spanish speaking country.