Starting to Make a Difference

After learning many startling numbers, and scary facts about gun control from my first blog post, I began to wonder about what further research I could do, to look at a different view of this. I started thinking a lot about gun control, and what I could use what was right in front of me all along. I did some further research, and found that over the years, that teens usage of firearms have been increasing. With that said, it brought me to a question, if more teens began to get involved in these sorts of incidents, maybe they don’t know what they are really in for. In our “You and the World Project”, we have to make our own difference, and do our own research, so in that case, let me tell you what I did. The fact that I am focusing my project on a younger audience, I found my myself in the best place to do my own research. Surrounding by teenagers, from all different backgrounds, exposed to a variety of different things, I made a survey about gun control.

Screenshot 2015-05-11 at 12.37.13 PM.png
Here is an image of my survey that I made for my original research.

I had a variety of questions, asking if they knew what control was, and they opinions on the use of guns. One of the questions I asked was what they thought of when they hear the word, “gun”, and all where answered with something violent, and nothing that would make you feel good. I also was surprised with the data I got. Almost all of the responses I got said they were aware of what gun control was, but then many did say that can are and can be safe. So my results where a very interesting mixture of rights and wrongs. Although I found a wide variety of responses, I did notice one thing. The majority of said that they did have a personal experience with a gun, whether it was a family member, or even first hand. Many of the responses were startling, and upsetting to know that so many of my fellow peers have experienced such upsetting accidents all because of a gun. After doing my own research, I started to think about how I could make my voice heard, and have people think about this issue. Then I realized that because I was focusing on teens, I should use the tactic of spreading the word on social media, and making posters to grab their attention. I don’t want to attack them, or bore them with a not so interesting presentation, so I am deciding on grabbing peoples attention by making posters and putting them around my school and the city. I think I might make an original design, and include facts about gun control to make people think and to grab their attention. Hopefully if people see my posters, they can share it on social media, and maybe use a hash-tag I provide it with, and maybe, if I end up getting the outcome I want it will go viral. Hopefully my adventure continues to move smoothly, and I can transfer into a real agent of change by making a difference in my project.  

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