Stats Q4 BM Podcast 2

Group members present during this discussion: Raz Reed, William Amari, Edgar Pacio.

What your club discussed: During our second podcast (which is the combination of all four of these files, sorry), we discussed chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7.

How you discussed it: We first answered questions from our viewers (Mr. Miles), then summarized each chapter and the examples given in them. We incorporated the misleading statistics example from the article Mr. Miles gave us into the discussion and we found our own to talk about.

Points of conflict/disagreement during the discussion: I disagreed with Will and Edgar on which average one should use to compare the students of two math classes. They said that mode is best, I said that mean is best.

​Questions that came up as a result of the discussion: What other types of statistical manipulation are there?
Stats Q4BM Podcast 2 pt. 1
Stats Q4BM Podcast 2 pt. 2
Stats Q4BM Podcast 2 pt. 3
Stats Q4BM Podcast 2 pt. 4

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