Stats Q4 BM Podcast 3

Group members present during this discussion: Raz Reed, William Amari, Edgar Pacio.

What your club discussed: During our third podcast we discussed chapters 8, 9 and 10. Sorry there are so many files, we had to keep stopping the recording because there's no way to pause on QuickTime.

How you discussed it: We summarized each chapter and the examples given in them. For chapter 10, which ended the book with a series of questions each person should ask his or her self when reading a statistic, we explained each question and examples of potential answers.

Points of conflict/disagreement during the discussion: We agreed on pretty much everything.

​Questions that came up as a result of the discussion: Now that we've covered the entire book, is there anything that Mr. Miles wants to tell us about statistical manipulation that we haven't heard?
Stats Q4BM Podcast 3 pt. 1
Stats Q4BM Podcast 3 pt. 2
Stats Q4BM Podcast 3 pt. 3
Stats Q4BM Podcast 3 pt. 4
Stats Q4BM Podcast 3 pt. 5