Step Brothers Western- Tomas Arango and Stephen Buchanico

Although Step Brothers and The Good the Bad and the Ugly are both very different films easy connections can be made. Adapting the original story into a western, Brennan and Dale are like two enemies yet they become best friends and work together to get there parents to not sell the house they live in. In a way they can be seen as Tuco and Blondie because they hate each other yet work together. We chose Step Brothers because it’s a comedy and making it into a Western was simply making it more serious because there are several scenes in the film that appear like Western. For example when the two step brothers meet, it is set up like a stand off, or when they practice karate in their garage, you gain the same sense of intensity from a shoot em up scene. In our trailer we included scenes discussed above. Starting off with less intense scenes, we slowly builded up action and conflict without giving away too much to audience on what is going to happen throughout the movie. One big aspect of the trailer is the music, Ecstasy of Gold plays throughout the trailer also providing that intensity to the viewer. Even though it is a modern film, aspects of westerns can be seen in the trailer especially in the last scene of our trailer when Brennan and Dale have a stand off while the main theme of the Good the Bad and the Ugly is playing in the background. Making a trailer is difficult because of spoilers but with titles we were able to give a small plot to viewers so they can get a sense of what to expect when they watch the film. Also utilizing funny scenes, the audience will feel connected and more inclined to view the whole film. Overall we tried to make an authentic trailer with Fox and rating credits, music and captions, we hope that our trailer is able to take a comedy and turn it into a heart racing western. This benchmark showed us that aspects of every genre can be seen in others. Just because a movie may seem like a comedy does not mean it can not be a western, film noir, drama, or even a romantic film. Directors inspire each other and work with each other to share ideas to create innovative films for the general public. We were able to be creative and design our own version of what Step Brothers could turn into when looked through a different film genre lense. Now when watching movies we are able to make connections and depict techniques that directors use inspired from other films. Our trailer is a little long but it conveys the message and storyline of the film, western style. Film can always be interpreted in whatever you want and this how we interpreted Step Brothers into what we know as a classic western movie. We hope you enjoy our trailer and maybe you’ll watch the movie!