Stepping Out and Helping

In my Blog Post, I introduced my topic for the “You and The World” project, it is about animal abuse. I mentioned my experiences on the animal abuse topic and included online research and informational facts about abused animals. I talked about an animal in my Blog Post #1 named Lincoln who was brought to a high-Kill shelter. In my Blog Post #2 I talked about my trip to the Paws Center and the ASPCA center. I talked about the animals that were injured and abused and how the shelters were caring for the animals. I also placed the Interview answers I asked one of the workers.

There are many people who are doing things about animal abuse that can help them like Events at Community centers (Fundraising), Starting neighborhood watches, organizing a Wildlife Expedition, etc. My opinion on changing these ways are that they should be in to more supporting shelters and organizations than having meetings and races. It is a good idea to get the word out, but not a lot would be done with groups and events. For my agent of change I raised money to build an outdoor protective shelter for abused/abandoned animals on the street. Instead of donating the money to an organization to build one for their animals, I built one for the animals that can't and won't be taken to a shelter or kept in a house.


This is the Outdoor Protective Shelter for Abused and Abandoned Animals that are homeless. The Purpose is to give the animals a place to sleep or a roof to protect them from rain or just even to live and have food and water.

Including the homemade shelter I have done many things to change, like having bake sales to donate to organizations, spreading the word about animal abuse, going to animal shelters and help them in any way I can. I think this project was a great way for students to do something about an important issue and help them learn more about the topic and actually make them start making a change. I like this project and I will continue with the project with the outdoor shelter. I learned that I can do a lot to support and help out animals that can't help themselves. I learned that my actions with my own dogs are good and better than most owners are. I feel I could have worked out my fundraising a little better and more planned out. The things that are left for me to do is basically raise awareness about animal abuse and make sure people understand what is happening.