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Olivia Mack (Student 2016)
Olivia Mack

The system that is represented is stereotypes. They show how stereotypes affect their everyday life. It pushed me to relate to Kevin because people say the same things to me.

Osman Bangura (Student 2016)
Osman Bangura

Good video, it was very funny. So let's see there are a bunch of systems and sub systems: stereotypes, prejudice, etc). It did expand my thinking because I didn't know that people have stereotypes about asians being bad drivers and I found out that stereotypes and discrimination can happen in the most subtlest way, e.g by just the looks people give you when you walk by them and their body language.

Sergei Mass (Student 2016)
Sergei Mass

The social system what is represented is the asian and african american social systems.

Yes it did because I thought about when I was stereotyped or put a stereotype on someone else.

Gina Sorgentoni (Student 2016)
Gina Sorgentoni

The system of stereotypes was focused on throughout the video, it pushed my thinking on how people are so heavily impacted by their stereotypes and how difficult that can be.