Stereotypes: Where do they begin? // Reflection

I am extremely impressed with my You and the World project. To me it seemed like a mini Capstone project. By far this is the best benchmark project I ever had in SLA. I remember when it all started which was in the beginning of the quater. When Ms. Giknis was explaining the benchmark I got really excited. There were so many topics to chose from. Idea after idea ran through my mind and surfaced in my notebook. Bullying and depression were the first few topics that I wanted to choose. That’s until I came up with stereotypes. I thought this topic was great for me because it was not a topic that everyone had already considered. Every time I told someone about my topic they gave me a weird looked and asked more about it.

In Blog Post #1 I informed readers about stereotypes. I pointed out that stereotypes are issues involving ignorance, racism, and hypocrisy. When I made my first blog post the whole experience was new to me. I have never written a blog post before. When writing it I debated whether if it was good enough or not. If I could have redone my first blog post, I would have added some more information about stereotypes. I think my introduction was pretty strong. It gave my post a nice hook. I also would have included a few statistics about stereotypes.

In Blog Post #2 we had to gather some more information. This post was all about original research. Every person had to conduct their own original research on their topic. There were different ways of doing so. You could do an interview or a field work. I chose to do a survey. Conducting a survey allowed me to gather opinions and feelings from others. Since my topic was based off of youth, I only allowed students to take my survey. If I could have redone my survey process I would have tried to collect more responses from people.

In Blog Post #3 I introduce my Agent of Change part of the project. For the agent of change I made a petition. It took me a while to finalize my agent of change part. I did not know what I wanted to do for it. Since the topic I chose was weird there were only a few choices I could chose from. After a while I just decided to make a petition. If you sign the petition you pledging to T.H.I.N.K. before you speak. If I had to redo this blog post I would change nothing about it. I like the way it was organized.

Like I said before, I absolutely love this benchmark. It was not just easy, it was inspiring too. Everyone who did this project helped themselves and others. This project is actually based off of yourself and the world.