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Through out this interview I will discuss  with some people the ways that stereotyping experiences can benefit for the most, they will give their stories and then with some questions will go into depth with their opinion. Being called a terrorist based on looks, mexican also based on look, and being looked down upon because of language. 


Language, looks, personality, are all example of boundaries that people cross. When people cross boundaries it means that they did something in a type of manner that bothered someone else or effected other things. For example people cross boundaries towards earth when they throw trash on the floor, or people also cross boundaries when they stereotype. During the process of interviewing people and the project itself i realized how many possible barriers there are in life. How language can effect the way people see and treat you and how looks determine what you can possibly be. Most people make these mistakes because they stereotype a lot. For Rosmery Hunt she has a story that a lot of foreign people have. Which is being treated differently because a person has an accent that differentiates them from everyone else . For Zayd Alsardary and Jermel Langely people often decided to call them something they're not based on looks. I also learned that these types of experiences in life could sometimes work for the better. When boundaries are crossed towards people they at first seem to have trouble dealing with it but then seem to  learn from it and sometimes find a way to get through it. 

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Katherine Hunt (Student 2014)
Katherine Hunt

I like how you added someone with an accent "my mom", which made the story more lively and showed the troubles that people have throughout society. Also, I really like how deep Zayd's interview was and how it was very noticeable that it affected your interviewees in a negative way. It made the story more lively and you could tell of their struggles just by the way that they spoke.